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Kind Culture: Aussieghana

Today we met with Rae-Anne, co-creator of Aussieghana at her shop in Daw Park.

Rae-Anne and Shanton created Aussieghana together in 2010, their mission is to help provide development assistance and effective relief services for distressed groups; women, orphans, youth groups, and street children in Ghana, West Africa.

In their shop you'll find pre-loved and new clothing, jewellery, handmade gifts, serving boards, crystals, homewares, and many more eclectic finds sure to please anyone who comes for a browse. Their shop is warm and inviting, maybe it's Bob Marley's shining smile that greets you as you walk through the door. Filled with wonderful treasures, we left with some bunting to hang inside of The Kindness Kombi.

Rae-Anne welcomes us with open arms, a hug for me, and a hug for Keith. The type of person that makes you feel instantly at ease upon first greeting, like a friend we've known for years, except we've only just met. She proudly shows us a photo on the wall...

In 2016, they began to work on a project that would change the lives of so many, but require a lot of hard work, physically and mentally – building the Aussieghana Relief Women’s Shelter.

This would be the first Women’s Shelter in Ghana. Rae-Anne and Shanton's projects have all been completely self-funded to date.

We sat down at the large table at the back of their shop, alongside the hair stations where Rae-Anne and Shanton create and maintain beautiful, natural dreadlocks.

In their words, "No wax, no chemicals, no loss of length or breakage. Just beautiful dreadlocks hand made with love."

We began chatting, and brainstorming.. How can The Kindness Kombi help Aussieghana? How can we come together to achieve something greater?

We're passionate about wanting to start a conversation on culture at our events, and to educate on diversity. It will be an absolute joy to have Rae-Anne and Shanton speak about their cause, to teach our community on what life is like in Ghana, a place many of us could never imagine.

We asked Rae-Anne, "How can we help right now? What can each of us in our community do to help you today?"

Rae-Anne mentioned that Aussieghana is always in need of tools. What you may not realise is, the items that are so easily found on our shelves aren't accessible in Ghana.

A nail gun. They so desperately needed a nail gun, nail after nail, injuring hands along the way during the build of their shelter... If they only had a NAIL GUN!

Well.. We know we have a beautiful community. I'm sure someone has a nail gun.

Only time will tell...

But, in the meantime they need your tools. Are they broken?.. It doesn't matter! They can always be fixed! You know that old drill that you have in your shed that's no good since you bought your new one, but you never threw it out...

I know a place that makes shelters for our friends in Ghana, and they'd love it!

Womens and children's summer clothing is also needed. So pass on your good conditioned items over to Aussieghana, and take home that good feeling - you'd be recycling, and clothing someone who needs it.

To end this blog, I'd like to give a quick nod to the power of community. We met Rae-Anne through our previous neighbour, Marilyn. Marilyn is a dear friend of ours, someone who is filled with knowledge, she's someone we go to for level-headed advice from time to time.

Rae-Anne is Marilyn's daughter. Through speaking with our neighbour, we met Rae-Anne and Shanton.

Hopefully this connection will be the start of some wonderful things for Aussieghana.

Because when we pull together as a community, whether it's locally by meeting our neighbours or globally by caring for our friends in Ghana - We are all one and the power of kindness can improve the lives of so many across the globe.

Stay tuned to meet Rae-Anne and Shanton at The Kindness Kombi events, or pop into their shop to give them some love. You can find Aussieghana on Facebook here:

Lots of Love, Lea & Keith - The Kindness Kombi


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